About Jeff


Well, mostly I act, write when I can, play a Martin OM Jeff Daniels Custom Signature Edition guitar (http://www.martinguitar.com/catalogs/OMJeffDaniels.pdf), have directed a couple indie films but wouldn’t do it again, written about 400 songs, played over 300 gigs the past 12 years from Maine to Alaska to Californ-i-a, my preferred venue of choice being all sorts of clubs and off the beaten track opera houses, pursue the maddening game of golf, carry a single digit handicap, so there, founded The Purple Rose Theatre Company in Chelsea, Michigan, where occasionally a play of mine will be produced – see: write when I can – most recently and quite often can be seen as Will McAvoy on HBO’s THE NEWSROOM and once sat on a toilet in a movie with Jim Carrey. The rest you can google.

So, along with giving you a peek at the music side of my life – don’t panic, it’s not what you think – I plan on opening my little window into the digital universe and valiantly meandering my way towards something I have yet to define and probably never will.

-Jeff Daniels